Night Scout 5x

The ruggedly designed tactical MHB series night vision monocular features automatic brightness control, integrated IR illuminator, IR “On” and low battery indicators to achieve high performance,

  • Model: RM-99A
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Fuse true depth perception, multi-coated glass and exclusive cybernetic innovation - the results will outcome in the best Night Vision Binocular in the world - the Night Scout.

If you want the best technologically advanced pair of Night Vision Binoculars available, look no further. We present you the Night Scout "Smart" binocular. This Binocular comes with a high-resolution super gen2+. Intensifier Tube, which gives you a light amplification of 30,000--35,000 max. The computerized proximity sensor, when activated, turns the unit on when in viewing position and off when not this case it s easy to use conveniently, and save much sources. The heavy-coated 90 mm glass lenses allow for optimum clarity and distance. The best part is that if there is no light to amplify, with the help of the Infrared Illuminator, you can cut through the darkness. So if not being able to see at night made your life dark, let the Night Scout bring some light into your life.


Outfitted with exclusive "Smart" features

Lens system 5x magnification

Automatic on/off proximity sensor special function

Hight resolution Gen. 2+ Image Intensifier Tube

Multi-coated all-glass optics

Long-Range Infrared Illuminator

Water ,dust ,and fog resistant

Limited two-Year Warranty


Model #  RM-99A
Magnification, x    1
Field of view, deg  20°
Interpupillary distance, mm57-72
Lens system   86mmF/1.2  
Focus range, m/in  8.0 to infinity
Eye relief distance, mm15
Diopter setting, D                 +5, -6
Overall dimensions, mm       225x150x60
Weight, g                           1579
Power supply  2XCR123
Estimated battery life  Up to 20h

ClassificationOMNI III, IVOMNI II
Photocathode type18mm GaAs18mm S-25
Photocathode sensitivity, typical, μA/lm≥1800600-900
Resolution, typical, lp/mm64-7248-58/57-64/64-70
Luminous gain, typical, fl/fcd45000-6500019000-30000
Signal-to-noise ratio, typical23:1 or better 20:1 or better 
FOM, typical≥15001150-1350
Tube reliability standard, hour120001000
Keep time, typical, year1510
Warranty, year21

Detection range, approx.,  m

 -quarter moon              up to  660up to 500
-cloud cover               up to 550up to 340
Recognition range, approx., m

-quarter moon           up to 580up to 420
-cloud cover                up to 400up to 260
5mW IR illuminator, approx., m/yard   up to 50

Operating temperature, °C          -30° to +50°
Storage temperature, °C              -35° to +55°
Immersion, hour                        IPX4
Humidity, %                                  Up to 98%

Whats in box:

  1. Night Vision Devices

  2. Hard carry case

  3. User manual

  4. Warranty card

  5. Lens cloth

  6. Desiccant

  7. Battery(Optional)